I work as a precious and base metals analyst/strategist at Metal Bulletin (global provider of market analysis and price forecasts for the metals industry) in London.

I conduct research on supply and demand trends across the metals complex. I also analyse global macro dynamics and their impacts on precious and base metals, providing forecasts from the very short to long term.

In addition to my strong interest in understanding the metals complex, I manage a portfolio for my family and close friends, which can be described as a discretionary global macro portfolio. My investment philosophy has been highly influenced by George Soros and Karl R. Popper.

I was born in Paris, France. I graduated from University of Assas with a MSc in finance (2011), I also earned a MSc Research in economics from University of Sorbonne (2012), where I published a research thesis intituled “Is gold a speculative bubble?” under the direction of Natixis Chief Economist Patrick Artus, and I finally received a MSc in management from ESSEC Business School (2014).

                                                                                                                                                                   Boris Mikanikrezai

Twitter @MikzMetals

Seeking Alpha @boris-mikanikrezai

IG @borismikz


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