I am a metals analyst at FastMarkets (UK independent research boutique) in London.

Previously, I worked as a precious metals analyst at INTL FC Stone (US broker) in London under the direction of senior commodity analyst Edward Meir, while I provided investment consulting services in Paris.

My passionate interest for understanding the metals complex from a microeconomic and macroeconomic perspective led me to launch a blog last year, in which I share some of my research as well as trade ideas within the precious metals complex.

I also spend a good deal of my spare time in managing my portfolio. I started a discretionary global macro portfolio in 2010 after elaborating my own investment philosophy, largely influenced by George Soros and Karl R. Popper. At present, I continue to work on my philosophical framework in order to improve my decision-making process under uncertainty.

I was born in Paris, France. I graduated from University of Assas with a MSc in finance (2011), I also earned a MSc Research in economics from University of Sorbonne (2012), where I published a research thesis intituled “Is gold a speculative bubble?” under the direction of Natixis Chief Economist Patrick Artus, and I finally received a MSc in management from ESSEC Business School (2014).

Follow me on Twitter @MikzEconomics to get the most updated metals news  https://twitter.com/MikzEconomic

                                                                                                                                                                   Boris Mikanikrezai


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